Pattern Recognition: tall hand, blocky & tall fingers, fewer lines, rectangular palm, tall Saturn finger.

Doing some of the most demanding jobs in terms of paperwork and logistics, the Ordinary Excellence type is designed for the task master life. Somewhat common, they represent the “no fuss” mindset that sees life in terms of things to do and what must be mustered to do them. Coordinate and manage, they make for excellent routine-makers. These types have no problem finding work, as there are thousands of careers that suit the arrangement of responsibility + conventional.


Refined or very refined skin:

  • Bureaucratic
    • Supply chain scheduling coordinator
    • Production supervisor
    • Revenue management manager
    • Supply Specialist
    • Maintenance inventory Coordinator

Regular skin texture + heavy base of the hand,:

  • Post office person
  • Mail delivery person
  • Taxi driver
  • Delivery service driver

With a square tip:

  • Scientist
    • Microbial technologist