My interest in palm reading started when I was 17, still a sapling in High School. I had just read a book called Eragon by American fantasy writer Christopher Paolini. He had published by 18 years old, and I said to myself “I could do that!”. 

I started into the strange and bizarre corner of the library on dreams, aliens and the paranormal. I started studying ancient cultures like the makers of Stonehenge. I somehow found a book at home called Chance, Luck, & Destiny by Peter Dickinson which was a collection of anecdotes, stories, facts, and activities relating to chance, luck, magic, witchcraft, and fortune-telling. I found a couple pages on palm reading and thought “I could incorporate this into my book!” Later I would dream up a sequence in the novel where the Heroine of the story would see a palm reader, he would say “You have the marker to save the world!” And she would lament that it was her. 

Mind you, I was an atheist and didn’t believe any of this palm reading stuff: I was writing a novel not looking for my future. And yet… It hooked me somehow. I found myself writing very tiny notes in a sketchbook based on palm reading websites, Google Books snippets and everything else I could find. I was somehow obsessed. 

Books that Forged the Early Path

I finally broke down and bought The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Palmistry by Carolyn Flynn, Lisa Lenard and Robin Gile. I devoured it. I started reading friends’ hands at social outings and sleepovers. It was bemusing, telling people they would have twins at 35, but there was nothing to it. 

In 2010, I bought the book that altered the course of my life forever. It was Lifeprints by Richard Unger. In it, I was exposed to the idea of a soul within me that expressed it’s life purpose on the dermatoglyphics of my palm and fingertips. I was entranced and went around asking everyone I knew if I could look at their fingerprints to tell them their Life Purpose.

Anywho, palmistry remained a hobby, nothing more than a fancy that I had a knack for. I had bigger fish to fry, as graduation was coming up and I was gearing for my career debut. 

The Big Gaping Hole of Graphic Design

Have you ever been driving down a road and then realize, “Damn! I took the wrong turn off!” Life can be like that. Especially around one’s sense of life direction and purpose. Thinking you should be one way, discovering you were meant for another. Often aha! moments or a eureka in the shower point towards these deeper insights into who we are. We can’t expect them though, they’re like gifts. They just show up, out of the blue. 

I used to get insights in the shower. I used to map out on huge sheets of paper mind maps of my dreams. I had it all planned out at twenty one years old. I was freshly minted as a Multimedia Designer and Graphic Designer from an art and technology school. I saw myself working as a freelancer, then getting hired at a firm and finally climbing the ladder to Creative Director…ah it sounded so good and looked so fine on paper. Scads of paper at that. But well worth it. 

Unfortunately, my dreams fell flat as I attempted to fit into the industry. Client’s wishy-washiness, contract problems and an inability to code very well plagued me in freelance work. More but different problems arose when I was working at a firm. It was like the universe was trying to tell me something. I was stressed, anxious and my life had no meaning.

I ended up working as a sales associate at an art store in town. Friendly staff, captivating inventory; I lived out my at-home hobby dream of being an artist in the evenings and salesman during daytime hours. 

This went on for a few months. And then one of the aha! moments struck me one day, a little voice that said “check out that cool palm reader guy from that book you read as a teenager”. So I get to his website, and see that he’s offering his final teaching for year one students. I have a flight of fancy and consider myself going into his class. I did study palm reading books in my youth, but it had all been so scatter plotted and inconsistent. I had had a passion, but palm readers were fortune tellers at the circus! Still, he was only teaching for one more year. In a flippant “who cares what happens” attitude, I send an email inquiring about registration. It was starting in two weeks! Way too soon to join the class. It was over before it had begun…or so I thought. 

Befitting, and Right on Time

A woman replied to my inquiry. She said I could join the class. All I had to do was get my ass from Kelowna BC Canada to Bellingham WA USA. Long story short, I dived in and told my art supply job that I’d be going down to part time hours. 

Day one at the class was with 16 other people. Women and two other guys. I was the youngest person there by a decade or two. After the first introduction speeches, I realized I was the most well versed in palmese. No one had touched a palm reading book besides the teacher. 

Later in the school year, I was told I was a metaphysical philosopher. AHA! No wonder I didn’t fit into the industrial paradigm of graphic designer. I wasn’t one! Writing was where my calling was. Writing palm reading textbooks based on personality psychology was where my heart was. Teaching through writing about a metaphysical topic turned out to be my calling. They call such things Metaphysical Authors. That’s me!

Question: How do you make a Living from that?

I had read Wayne Dyer and Deepok Chopra and followed some of Brent Burchard’s stuff on personal development and the self improvement area when I was younger. So I knew that it was possible to speak at events and sell books. But at the time, I was taking a class that required that I read 100 hands by the end of the year to graduate. Thus priority and focus to that.

I Facebook messaged all my friends and read their hands. I started a hand reading business by the name of Mr. Hand Reader. I read over 300 hands by year two of the hand analysis training at the International Institute of Hand Analysis founded by Richard Unger.

Devastation Managed

I graduated in 2015. Fast forward to 2021. In-between that span, I went through some struggles and had non-predictive palm reading fall into the wayside. It is only now, after years of struggle, that I am putting my foot on the gas and chugging forward to a better tomorrow.