Growing Stronger


Robbie was a really skinny kid. 6’4 and 150 lbs, he was not very strong and had a hard time in gym class. Yet Robbie had his eyes on becoming a bodybuilder like his Dad. 

When Robbie turned 13, his Dad bought him a set of dumbbells. Nothing fancy, just a few weights to get him started. 

Robbie was so excited when he got the gift on his birthday. He immediately started doing bicep curls until his arms were sore. 

He worked out everyday and when his Dad saw this, he said to his son, “Robbie, now you need to eat like me so you can gain muscle!” His Dad was so proud that his son was taking after him. 

Soon, Robbie was eating five meals a day. Yet he didn’t get the muscles he wanted. He was ready to give up. 

“Son, I think it’s time for you to lift heavier weight. Go to the muscle beach and lift strong!” said his Dad.

Dressed in a grey hoodie and sweatpants, Robbie went to the beach in the middle of the day. 

When he arrived, he was so scared. Muscular men and fit women were using the equipment near the beach. 

Robbie went to the water fountain, unsure of where to begin. 

A young man, in good shape, came over to the water fountain too and waited behind Robbie. When Rbbie finished, he moved away from the fountain and stared at the people working out. He felt lost.

The young man noticed Robbie and said, “You new to the area?”

Robbie, surprised, said, “Oh! I uh… I just started working out…”

The older teen smiled and said, “Hey, I’m Harvey. I remember when I was just starting out. The muscle beach gym can be intimidating. You ever bench pressed before?”

Robbie shook his head. 

“Come on over. I’ll show you how it works.” The older teen set up the bench press and put on some weights. “Now lay down here and try to lift it off the bar and then press it up and down. I’ll spot ya.”

When Robbie tried to push on the weights, it was too heavy – he couldn’t lift it! 

“Ah! You’re too heavy. Let’s change that.” Harvey adjusted the weights and then gave Robbie the go.

When Robbie tried this time, he was able to lift the weight and press them. It was hard but he managed to press three times. 

Robbie finished and stood up. He could feel the rush of a good pump in his chest. The feeling was amazing. He thanked Harvey and went home.

His Dad congratulated him. “Good job son! Now you know the muscle beach.”

Blending a protein smoothie, Robbie thought of how he had done something new with the help of Harvey. He sipped the smoothie, went to his room, and crashed on his bed. 

~The End~

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