Pattern Recognition: short fingers, square palm, few lines, tall Apollo finger.

This is a very common archetype in the public, especially for men. Rivalled only by Creative Ideas personality type, the combination this hand shape represents is practical + artistry. And that’s what they do, through hands or tools or both, they make something. Masters of Material, they craft and control and create. Like all creative types, the “can I get paid?” question is often what comes up in a reading. Some Craftsmanship careers have readily available job, like those in the trades, whereas others are not. Like the quiltmaker, who must find other avenues.


If with smooth skin (AKA refined):

  • glass blower
  • shoe maker
  • leather worker
  • potter
  • ceramics maker
  • sculptor
  • jeweler

If with smooth skin + soft or squishy flesh consistency:

  • tailor
  • knitter
  • quilt maker

If with slightly rough skin texture:

  • carpenter
  • cabinet maker
  • house builder
  • fine woodworking

And lastly, if with rough sandpaper like skin texture:

  • mason
  • welder
  • ironworker
  • sheetmetal worker